Dog Walking                                                                                                         
£8 for 30 minutes (+£4 for additional dog)
£12 for 60 minutes (+£6 for additional dog)

Pet & Puppy Visits
£8 for 1 visit
£12 for 2 visits

Dog Boarding
£20 per day for 1 dog
£30 per day for 2 dogs

Small Animal Boarding

£2.50 per day for Hamsters/Gerbils etc

£3.50 per day for Guinea Pigs

£4.50 per day for Rabbits

Pet Taxi

£15 + mileage

Doggy Days Out

£15 for 1 dog

£22 for 2 dogs

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Evenings after 5pm & Weekends - Dog Walking and Pet & Puppy Visits will be charged at the rates above plus 50%

Bank Holidays - Dog Walking, Home Boarding and Pet & Puppy Visits will be charged at double rate

Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day - All Services charged at double rate

Fuel surcharge 45p per mile (may also apply for our dog walking and pet visiting services depending upon location)