Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Your dog will enjoy either a 30 minute or an hour walk around your area or a local park. They will be walked on lead unless consent has been give to walk off lead. They will be walked in all weathers and rubbed down before being returned home. After the walk water will be changed and food put down if required.

Walks can be on a regular basis, ad-hoc visits or short notice emergencies if you are going to be delayed

Pet Visits

Cats - Your cat will receive either 1 or 2 half hour visits a day. They will be fed, water changed and litter tray cleaned. They will be let in/out if required. Your cat will also receive lots of cuddles.

Small Animals - Your pet will receive either 1 or 2 half hour visits a day. They will be fed, water changed, and the cage or hutch cleaned out. Your pet will also receive lots of cuddles

If required curtains can be opened/closed, plants watered and post taken in to make your house looked lived in.

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Dog Boarding

Dogs are welcomed into our home and treated as one of the family. They will be part of a happy, secure and stable environment. Their daily routine is continued as normal. Only dogs from one family will be home boarded at one time.

Small Animal Boarding

As an alternative to pet visits your small animals can be boarded at our home. Accommodation can be provided for rabbits and guinea pigs. For all other small animals these will need to be provided. All small animals will be treated as one of family and given lots of TLC

Pet Taxi

If you are unable to take your pet to a vets or groomers appointment a pet taxi service can be provided. Pets will be transported securely.  

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Puppy Visits

If you have to go out for the day due to work or other commitments we can visit your puppy at home and let them out in the garden, change water, feed, clean up any accidents, reinforce any training and give them lots of TLC.

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated short walks can be introduced

Doggy Days Out

We offer fun days out for your dog. Your dog will join us as part of the family and enjoy a day out to the beach or country park somewhere in Essex.